Principles of sustainability.
Sustainability is a guiding principle at instituut Core. We facilitate our clients’ transition to new organizational and business models needed in a cradle-to-cradle, circular economy through a number of methodologies, including social innovation and change.


Instituut Core believes that internal entrepreneurship can start, change, and improve the world around us. Within our circle of influence, each one of us can actively contribute to a sustainable world and society. We create the bridge towards a more aware life for all of our clients which in turn will result into more awareness towards earth and sustainability.

Instituut Core’s aim is to enable leaders and entrepreneurs who respond successfully to challenges for a rapidly changing world and make a positive, long-term impact on the lives of individuals, society, planet and profit.

At Core
We are committed to supporting diversity and vitality in our staff and in our programs and provide equal access to learning. All employees are invited to develop their skills in multiple areas. We contribute socially by creating special training programs for selected groups specializing on working with women in difficult relationships.

A healthy and safe working environment is provided for all employees and clients. This means making sure that adequate facilities, training and access to safety information are provided. A healthy environment also includes safety from unlawful discrimination of any kind.

All information entrusted upon us by our clients is regarded as confidential and thus information shared by the individuals who attend the training can not and will not be shared with anyone else. The Instituut Core training program is intellectual property and can not be used by other parties without permission.

Environmental impacts
Instituut Core reduces impacts in multiple areas by separating waste, working with green key conference centers and minimizing the CO2 footprint created and actively promotes contact with earth to increase connection and awareness.

Conference Centers used by Instituut Core
Our five-day trainings are delivered in Hotels that have the Green Key Certificate. They have found a strong balance between the comfort of guests and sustainability.

They work with local entrepreneurs and producers, and as a result we mainly work with products from the region. Not only is this good for the environment, but it means the dishes are fresh, local and delicious! But there’s more: from environmentally friendly hand soaps and shampoos to energy efficient appliances, and from LED lighting to our wooden bikes we’re doing our part to protect the environment! Both hotels are committed to reducing their water usage.

Green Key Certificate
Green Key is an international label for sustainable businesses in the hospitality industry. This label shows that Hotel Kapeller Put in Heeze and Hotel Blooming in Bergen will do everything within their abilities to reduce the impact it has on the environment as a company.

Effective individual method of Core training
The Core Institute has developed a highly effective individual method of training through experience. People quickly discover and develop their capacity to influence their performance in a unique way. A strong personal sense of responsibility emerges, which instills a sense of certainty towards reaching their goals.

In each stage, one’s individuality remains key, resulting in an immediate positive effect on their interpersonal relationships, as it improves the ability to recognise and change counter-productive behaviour in oneself and in others. Furthermore, versatility and capacities are highlighted extensively, which creates space for mutual understanding, respect and curiosity. This, in turn, facilitates pro-activeness, compassion and insight.

The Core Institute’s method of training is unique in the sense that we focus on the core essence of each person and show them their impact on the world: giving them the means to deal with this specific impact. Our training increases the inner strength of each individual and enlightens the grandness of authenticity.
The training is a highly individual and experience-based process, carried out under the supervision of a Core Management Trainer. We secure personal guidance by having 1 trainer for every 3 participants. Combined with exercises that focus on each individual’s personal experience. This approach has an almost immediate and lasting effect.
During the week of training, the participants will discover a new source of power that will enable them to tap into slumbering qualities such as presence, determination, drive, decisiveness, assertiveness and compassion. This discovery of their pure core essence will help them resolve their inner and outer conflicts with fluency, confidence and strength. This will help them excel in every area of their lives.

Core Management Training
People have limitless possibilities to find fulfilment and satisfaction in their lives, and in relationships with others. By learning to directly connect with the essence of your being (core), you can discover a freedom which is not only the freedom from external restraints; but is itself the dynamic expression of the meaning and value of being human. Once this intrinsic freedom becomes a lived reality, all other freedoms follow naturally.

As part of The Core Management Training, you will discover how to explore and expand the satisfaction you feel in the most fundamental areas of your life; focusing on your career path, personal relationships and self-growth. You will discover your inner qualities, strengths and learn to live your life with purpose and sincerity.

Founded in 1992, The Core Institute provides innovative and enlightening training programmes that aim to guide an individual’s path to an improved level of life satisfaction.

Annette Raaijmakers: Psychotherapist (NVVP), director, trainer and founder
Annette has worked as a Psychotherapist for 35 years. She is the founder of the Core training programme and has had 20 years of experience delivering them to customers from every level of society. Her solid contact with her core essence instils a peacefulness through which she can act as a clear mirror for those in front of her, and her direct approach leaves no stone unturned.

Fokko Ketel: Coach (IPPA), director, developer, trainer and co-founder
Fokko has a background in developing educational programmes for different stages in life and has had 20 years of experience in guiding and improving group processes. His drive to create an inspiring method to enhance people’s lives has made him devoted to co-founding and developing the Core Management Training programmes.