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Stupid stress


Work is by definition stressful, but most often it is our own actions that make some-stress, stupid-stress. In a company we are together faced with the challenge to […]

Amygdala hijack


Even though you seek happiness, you sometimes treat it like your biggest enemy.

Even though you try to avoid suffering, there are times you run straight towards it. 

The […]

Leven is leven in relatie.


Een relatie is als een boom, die aarde (afstemming en ontstemming), water (instemming) en licht (bestemming) nodig heeft om te kunnen groeien.

De aarde staat voor commitment en afstemming. Ben […]

Let it go


Depending on your development path, you may find yourself very able to recognise and follow your own personal will, stand for what you believe in and even have […]

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