Non-duality is the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific understanding of non-separation and fundamental intrinsic oneness. Through deep inner inquiry, philosophers and sages have come to the realization that there is only one substance and we are therefore all part of it.This substance can be called Awareness, Consciousness, Spirit, Advaita, Brahman, Tao, Nirvana or even God. It is constant, ever present, unchangeable and is the essence of all existence. In the last century Western scientists are arriving at the same conclusion: the universe does indeed comprise of a single substance, presumably created during the Big Bang.

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything and between the two my life moves. Nisargadatta Maharaj

All sense of being – consciousness – subsequently arises from it. This realization has ontological implications for humanity: fundamentally we are individual expressions of a single entity, inextricably connected to one another, we are all drops of the same ocean. The Core Non-duality Training is a journey, an exploration of the nature of awareness, the essence of life from which all arises and subsides.