In The Core Management Training you will explore and expand the satisfaction you feel in the most fundamental areas in your life focusing on your career path, personal relationships and personal growth. Key to effortless core management is self-awareness and the confidence that you have the power of discernment.

Closing one door means opening another one and we will guide you in the right direction. At the Core Institute we believe that to know yourself is to know others. We teach skills and give insight into your behaviour and attitude towards life through an unique and experience-based method. This will create more awareness about yourself and the people around you.

To manage yourself and stimulate others one needs the right tools and we offer a creative experience based training that stimulates the mind to think out of the box. The Core Management Training is a journey of self discovery into how you deal with daily life through a unique and experience-based method.

We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are. – Anaïs Nin

You will gain skills that identify your debilitating patterns in your life and show you how to break free from their confinement. You will discover your inner qualities, strengths, learn new ways to use them effectively and learn to live your life with purpose and sincerity. We show people how to envision and actively create new possibilities.Your attention will no longer be clouded by minor details. This clarity will bring you energy, peace and strength.

Participating in the Core Management Training ensures the use of all facets of communication; words, techniques, but also intuition and self-awareness. These skills are taught in several exercises like the reaction-choice moment and are trained on daily bases. The Core Management Training is an experience-based training where the emphasis is put on frame of mind and mentality and is an adventure that will mold dreams and wishes into goals and visions. Your true goals will become apparent and you will take responsibility for your choices.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. – Wayne Dyer


The courses are ideal for those with occupations in which they have much contact with others, such as:

  • high potentials
  • people who want to invest in personal development
  • people who want or need to change jobs
  • managers who seek change
  • HR managers and advisors


The uniqueness of the Core Management Training is that each participant goes through an individual training program in 4,5 days. No one is in the group to share. The steps you take, you only share with one of the trainers. These trainers (one trainer to three participants) are at your disposal throughout the week and give you coaching and tailored guidance. This enables you to focus on issues specific to you and you can apply the training in your own pace.

In the first phase of the basic training you go through various exercises. You explore your thoughts, feelings and judgments and how they function. You will discover how these ideas colour your reality and your behaviour. There are presentations on happiness and success in life and work and the theoretical background of various exercises. When the puzzle pieces are on the table and the disturbing ideas and feelings are clear, you can go to the second phase of the training, where a number of exercises take care of the integration of these disturbing ideas.

The focus of attention will be trained every day, both inside and outside. Thanks to the exercises done before, in the third part of the training, hitherto unrecognized potential is to be discovered. You could say that after the cleanup, the house can be refurnished. You have the opportunity to formulate your personal visions. When these are clear, you will create the associated goals.


  • Promote the ability to (self) perception
  • Understand your own expectations, emotions, beliefs and judgments
  • Reaction choice moment: the experience that you are the one to determine how you react to others and on how you feel. This results in freedom of choice and the accompanying desire to take responsibility for your own choices
  • Develop the ability to observe something from different perspectives
  • Promote a lifestyle with emphasis on the here and now
  • Build on strengths and manage weaknesses
  • Insight into your own motives and visions and design these with associated objectives and actions


  • Available language during training: Dutch, English
  • Language course materials: Dutch, English, German
  • Locations: Blooming, Bergen and Kapellerput, Heeze