The Core Identity Training (CIT) is the logical next step toward self-development after the Core Management Training (CMT). While the CMT focused primarily on the interaction with oneself, the follow-up training
focuses on the interaction with others. This will influence your relationships in both work and private life. In the CIT you research the roles you play in different situations and with different people. These roles feel like jackets, tailored to the circumstances. You can sometimes feel compelled to wear a particular jacket. Sometimes you push someone else in a jacket or role, although that might not be appropriate. The moment you recognise your jacket, you can consciously choose the jacket that you currently wish to wear on your authentic way.

In our communication with others, we often unconsciously project a part of ourselves to them. The things that we do not want to see in ourselves, we see in others. Example: if we see disrespect in others, we may have difficulty respecting others or even respecting ourselves. In a special exercise, you recognise your own projections, so you can take them back. This gives you a clear picture of yourself and others. At the CIT you will enhance your self-awareness and develop a deeper understanding of and compassion towards other individuals. You will become aware of the role you play and the possibilities of your being. You will find many new aspects to yourself and learn how to use them successfully. You will look into projections and will learn how to take them back so they will no longer have an unwanted effect on your behaviour.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung


The course is ideal for those with occupations in
which they have much contact with others, such as:

  •  people who want to invest in personal development
  •  people who want to work on their relationships
  •  HR managers and advisors
  •  people managers
  •  high potentials


As in the Core Management Training by 3.5 days you walk through your own individual training program. In the exercises you apply the issues that are relevant to you. The trainers (one trainer to three participants) are at your disposal throughout the week and give you coaching and tailored guidance. This enables you to focus on issues specific to you and to apply the training in your own pace.

During the training you will research whether your life is in line with views expressed in CMT to determine areas and examining the roles / identities that we often assume. You will have the opportunity to investigation of the feelings, thoughts and ideas we project onto others and relief ourselves from those, making the scale of interactions completely fresh. You will examine the favourite identities you use and see what the benefits and disadvantages are as well as learn to spot them in others. This will give you new insights in how to deal with different personality types. We will do voice-dialogue and discuss the enneagram typology. There is a beautiful exercise to integrate background and foreground identities, which leads to a more consistent self. As in the CMT you will do attention exercises every day which will give you the clarity to discern actively and spontaneously in the here and now.


  • Continuing to promote the ability of (self) perception/self-awareness
  • Anchor the ability to perceive others neutrally
  • Understand their own identities and integrate rejected identities
  • Ability to recognise own projections and to take them back
  • Ability to address persistent patterns of behaviour


  • Language during the training: Dutch, English
  • Language course material: Dutch, English
  • Admission requirements: Core Management Training
  • Location: Blooming, Bergen