Depending on your development path, you may find yourself very able to be flexible and create harmony wherever you are. You may be able to create and have longstanding relationships and avoid conflict all together. If you recognise yourself in the previous sentence you might also have trouble recognising and follow your own personal will and stand up for your desires. One of the qualities a child might pick up on an early age is the ability to please and act in a way that guarantees harmony. It can be very fruitful to be the good girl or boy after all.

These qualities can be very useful in a team or a personal relationship, but can also lead to feelings of discontentment, since it may lead to an inability to express your desires, feelings or will and even when these are expressed it can be very hard to stand by them. Sometimes a lack of confidence is at the root of these issues, but it can also be fear to lose others or even a job.

What might be missing is the knowledge that individual standpoints are very important for the group to hear. Even if there might be a preference for harmony, chaos and conflict can be the most fertile ground to build new and exciting ideas on and it can even safe lives. For personal relationships not speaking your mind could even lead to passive-aggressive behaviour, which is a far cry away from how a well oiled team can function.

If you are short on courage to express your own desires and will, remember you only live once and we are all waiting to hear your authentic voice.

Picture: Jessica Keating