“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”~ Anaïs Nin

A young child that just started crawling can’t believe his eyes. Every corner he turns there is something new to discover. At times a shriek of excitement will sound as they spot a cat, and then again when they spot the same cat. Every time they see is the first time. In their eyes the look of curiosity, wonder and joy. The innocence with which they view the world is often seen as inspiring. Many philosophies, spiritual and otherwise refer to the childlike state as a preferred way of being.  So how can we reach this state? How can life once again be like a box of chocolates?

In the Core Management Training we talk about how we experience reality. By now we know that the brain fills in peripheral vision. As the brain processes incoming information about an external stimulus, it creates a representation of that outside world which can diverge from reality. This can be tested on www.uniformillusion.com. Another example of how the brain can show us illusion is the blue and black dress. It caused a controversy on the web, because a picture was representing different colours for different people.

The Core Management Training offers an array of exercises that help us experience reality as it really is, without judgement,without any preconceived notion. If done right, the exercises can bring back the childlike state mentioned earlier. By realising the world is not as black and white as our mind sometimes makes us think it is, new information can come in once again and we can experience the world free of concepts.

Instead of ending your night by going over the wrongs of the day, you can check your day to see how life was like a box of chocolates.