Once up a time two lucky frogs jumped into a pot of cream. With greedy delight they drunk their fill only to realise they were stuck. The pot was too deep for them to touch the bottom and the sides too tall for them to climb out. The first surrendered to hopelessness and drowned. The […]

Stupid stress

Work is by definition stressful, but most often it is our own actions that make some-stress, stupid-stress. In a company we are together faced with the challenge to accomplish goals far greater than any individual is capable. In environments with such ambitions, it can become easy to take on too many tasks, with too little […]

Life is like…

“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”~ Anaïs Nin A young child that just started crawling can’t believe his eyes. Every corner he turns there is something new to discover. At times a shriek of excitement will sound as they spot a cat, and then again when they […]

Amygdala hijack

Even though you seek happiness, you sometimes treat it like your biggest enemy. Even though you try to avoid suffering, there are times you run straight towards it.  The fact that your behaviour isn’t always the way you would want it to be has a psychological and neurological reason. The psychological reason has to do […]

Express yourself

Depending on your development path, you may find yourself very able to be flexible and create harmony wherever you are. You may be able to create and have longstanding relationships and avoid conflict all together. If you recognise yourself in the previous sentence you might also have trouble recognising and follow your own personal will […]

Let it go

Depending on your development path, you may find yourself very able to recognise and follow your own personal will, stand for what you believe in and even have confrontations with others in order to get what you want. The strength and confidence these traits bring with it can be seen in children at an early […]