Once up a time two lucky frogs jumped into a pot of cream. With greedy delight they drunk their fill only to realise they were stuck. The pot was too deep for them to touch the bottom and the sides too tall for them to climb out. The first surrendered to hopelessness and drowned. The second, refusing to quit, continued to struggle and struggle and struggle, eventually churning the cream into butter. Climbing out and living to tell this tale.

What’s the moral of this story? There is so much good old fashioned common sense wisdom to be found here. Classic truisms like “never give up,” “look before you leap,” deeper insights like “your actions can transform your environment/circumstances,” “if the first frog knew about churning cream into milk, it would not have had to die, this is why we pursue knowledge.”

This time though I want to zoom into the relationship between attitude, behaviour, and results.

What matters more than results? Right? Look around and you see a world obsessed with idolising those with extraordinary results. Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, the Beatles, it was what they did that captivates us. Without our fascination with results especially success, who would have ever paid the slightest attention to Donald Trump? But no, he’s rich, so let’s worship him on TV, let’s give him the platform of our political party, and let’s let him run the world. Success is what we fantasize about and aspire to.

Now the clever and dedicated among you will certainly ask the question: how do I mimic the behaviours to the gets the results? Now our attention is a step in an effective direction, because behaviour becomes results. To watch the behaviour is to get a sneak preview of results. You might say that behaviour over time accumulates into results. Do the things over and over again and proficiency replaces clumsiness. Keep doing it longer still and mastery slowly emerges. Now that was the result we were working towards all along. Much less sexy than results, but that can always be summarised with a montage in the movie to keep the tempo up. Those determined for certain results will certainly want to pay attention to the behaviour of those that have had those results before them.

Now that sounds great and everything, but it seems like a lot of work. The secret of why go through all the effort, is a question of Attitude. The appropriate Attitude is a must for anyone who dares to make their dreams of success a reality. Unlock the the attitude of those that do the behaviors that become the results, and the struggle becomes joyful. Maybe joyful is a strong word, but we can agree that for those who can manage their attitudes all obstacles can be overcome. Attitude is a leading indicator for behavior and future results. Have you ever experienced someone in our life that wasn’t at the results phase, but was certainly practicing the behavior, and had the unmistakable quality of the attitude of success? Have you ever been watching sports and seen the moment when one side is a to manage their internal Core Experience, gain control of their attitude, and all their behaviors change? They go from making every conceivable mistake to behaving with the poise and focus of precisely execute in every facet of the game.

Attitude is a leading indicator of behavior and results and it is a two way street. Just as someone with the attitude of a champion will find a way someone with the attitude of a victim will never seize an opportunity. Now anyone can have bad luck, be the victim of circumstance and have all their best laid plans suddenly, violently, or tragically taken away. However those with a growth mindset, an attitude of “I can” manage to recover and re-adjust, taking responsibility for the direction they want their lives to take from there and activating the behaviors required to get them the results they desire, no matter how hard they are. Where as someone with an attitude of victim hood continues to blame everyone else for their circumstances, and waits through every chance, expecting that someone will bless them with the results that will more than likely always continue to be a fantasy.

Attitude is a leading indicator of behavior and results. It is the helm of your ship. It determines your orientation in relation to the world. Attitude is your angular position of the whatever space you occupy. Learn to manage your Core, take responsibility for your attention, determine your attitude, and watch as the behaviors and results figure themselves out.

Attitude is a leading indicator for behavior and results. Behavior flows unconsciously from it. Results manifest from behavior.

Of course this is an instruction manual for self, but it is equally applicable for interactions and for groups. For all of the leaders out there, when or what do you manage? Do you only take action after the fact, once results are already there? Do you manage to coach behavior? Or do you provide feedback at the source the moment you observe that attitude is out of line? Or better yet do you act as a proof of concept role model, inspiring those around you? Do you bring the attitude, creating the culture, or are you going through the motions of behavior?

Great but how? Well that is easier said than done. The most I can say is that Instituut Core offers a 5 day Core Management Training to teach you all of the skills required. Download their free guide for their most powerful exercise here.