Management trainings | 25 years of experience

5 days of individual training and coaching

to become your true self

Business training programs that touch the core.

Core is an institute for non-rational processes, education and managementsupport, founded in 1992 by Annette Raaijmakers and Fokko Ketel.

Institute Core has been providing refreshing, individual, experience-based management training programs which aid you in maximising your effectiveness and contentment in all areas of your life ánd to again find renwed passion to manifest your ambitions and goals for 26 years.

  • Individuality is key
  • Skills development and one-on-one sessions
  • Rediscovering your potential
  • Solidifies the core, balance and direction
  • Regained control over your life

A new way of being

The Core training programs give you insight in your subconscious thought and behavioural patterns.These insights will enliven old communication patterns like a fresh breath of air.

With a new perspective on life, communication with others ánd yourself becomes a fluid movement from an authentic core. This makes the manifestation of your dreams and ambitions a truly inspirational experience for yourself and your surroundings. The Core Training programs refresh your Core.

  • Rediscover the curiosity from your childhood
  • Learn to communicate effectively with clarity
  • Experience the freedom you inherently are
  • Connect with your true goals and ambitions
  • Manifest your visions and goals in life

Training programs

We strongly recommend starting with the Core Management Training program

Core Management Training

  • 5 consecutive days
  • 1 refresh day
  • Individual training
  • 1 trainer to 3 participants

Core Identity Training

  • 4 consecutive days
  • Voice-dialogue
  • Individual training
  • Follow-up of the CMT

Core Leadership Training

  • 3 consecutive days
  • Individual one-on-ones
  • Grouptraining
  • Connected Leadership

Core Non-Duality Training

  • 4 consecutive days
  • South of France
  • Grouptraining
  • Doing by not doing

Our Team

It is a joy to work in a connected team
Psychotherapist (NVVP), director, trainer and founder

Annette Raaijmakers has worked as a Psychotherapist for over 25 years. She is the founder of the Core training program and has had 20 years of experience delivering them to customers from every level of society. Her solid contact with her core essence instills a clarity with which she can act as a clear mirror for those in front of her, and her direct approach leaves no stone unturned. This clarity mixed with empathy makes meeting Annette an opportunity of a lifetime.

Coach (IPPA), director, developer, trainer and co-founder

Fokko Ketel has a background in developing educational programs for different stages in life and has had 35 years of experience in guiding and improving group processes. His drive to create an inspiring method to enhance people’s lives has made him devoted to co-founding and developing the Core management training programs. He is a master in storytelling and reaches the core of your being with wit and wisdom.

Developer, trainer & coach

Sarah Ketel has a background in humanities, psychology, voice-dialogue and MBTI. She works from her intuition combined with her insights into neurotic patterns and the influences of our perspective on our lives. She is trainer/coach at most of the courses we offer, develops workshops and also works as a life coach for women, teaching assertiveness, independence and fulfilment in life.

Assessment psychologist & coach

Marieke Knotter combines her qualities as psychologist, insights in companies and knowledge with an empathic involvement with our participants. This makes a meeting with Marieke a true opportunity for anyone. Her sense of humour and discernment for truth makes her an invaluable asset to the team. She also works as an assessment psychologist at Kenhardt and is an independent assessment psychologist and coach.

Salesdirector, trainer & coach

Through his interest in the vulnerable side of life Jeremy Akers has learned the art of integrating the soft with the hard. His ability to look at things without judgement creates an open space to find new paths to travel. He will also strengthen the team with his background in sales and accountmanagement.


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Clients Tell

Our customers give us a 9/10 average.

The Core trainers are exceptional professionals, combining skills, experience and real interest in the people they work with.

Sjaak Deckers
CEO, G-Therapeutics

The Core Management Training, focused on irrational processes, was exactly what I needed.

Laura van Overbeek de Meyer Verdijk
Commercieel Directeur, Amplifon (Beter Horen)

In the Core Management Training people make metaphorical ‘selfies’ and then peel away layers to look at themselves in a truly neutral way.

Ronald Gelten
Global Alliance Manager & Segment Manager Petrol, Philips Lighting

This is the most valuable and useful course I have experienced to date.

Gordon Grace
Global Head of EUS Programmes and Transitions Enterprise Engagement Director, Capgemini UK

The gained freedom taught me to function in a team according to their own talents and possibilities.

Geert Bruloot
CEO, Coccodrillo

The trainers of Core have given me an important value: freedom, not by explaining it, but by letting me experience it myself.

Roel Voogt
Account manager and Principal Consultant, Capgemini

I saw my 300 pound heavy baggage filled with years and years of life and work experiences shrink to a light load of 50 gram in only one week.

Lex Geraets
Openbaar Ministerie, Regio Parket Zeeland-West-Brabant

Articulated around the individual, the core of the training is the identification of your true self.

Eurika Aragon
Amadeus, Sophia Antipolis, France

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